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You'd never know, looking at the pictures of this beautiful, healthy girl at the top of this profile, what she was like when she came to us some months ago. Allow me to speak to her condition and experience as we know it.

Blossom came to us from a shelter in a community where she had been found as a stray. It seemed apparent that she’d been used for breeding stock and then dumped alongside a road as her breeding value had diminished. She had been at the shelter three weeks, and with her physical condition making it essentially impossible for her to be comfortable, and with being thrust into a setting that was chaotic (albeit merciful), she was feeling considerable stress.

To compound the trauma of being abandoned, she was plagued by three aggressive mammary growths (see pics below). She could hardly walk without becoming entangled with one of the suspended masses that hung beneath her like pendulums, the weight of which tended to cause her to reel forward in a tumbling motion.

Despite her pathetic condition, her positive spirit was such that she tried running, playing, and chasing the “Jolly Ball.” As we observed her pathetic attempts at play, it heightened our determination to do all that we could to restore her to a condition and circumstances that would allow her to live a long, healthy, love-filled, peaceful life. Thanks to the miracle of veterinary medicine, shortly after intake she underwent surgery for removal of the growths and is tumor free. (The tumors were non-cancerous.) The skin across her belly was neatly stitched up, and the day after surgery she was bright, alert, and ready for whatever life brings her way. What an incredible relief this is for her, and what a profound joy it is for us, too.

The good news is that despite what she has gone through in her young life, and despite the fact that she is most likely enjoying the benefits of love and tenderness for the first time, she shows a spirit that suggests she will soon forget her past as she blossoms (Yes, I said it - you knew I had to) into the wonderful Dobergirl she was born to be.

In the months following her surgery her hair has grown back, the surgery scar on her stomach has healed and faded considerably, and she has settled into the Elijah's House routine with calmness and joy. Without those wretched tumors she is able to run and play and walk and lie down with comfort and ease, and it has been a blessing to us at Elijah's House to witness and have a part in the salvation of this sweet girl from the misery that was hers previously.

Now there is one caveat that needs to be considered in choosing her. She really needs to go to a home with a minimum of stairs, preferably one floor with only a step or two into the house. She runs and plays without apparent pain or difficulty, but the fact is that we tried her in a home that required her to negotiate a flight of stairs regularly, and it just was too difficult for her.

There are a couple of factors that apparently contribute to this. She is weak in the left forelimb, probably from a previous injury. This could be the result of something such as jumping out of a pick-up truck, being stuck in an opening to an enclosure as a pup, or physically being harmed by an owner who was using her in a puppy mill. She also has hip arthritis and some in her middle back. However, she's a typical Dobe and loves to run and play with her Jolly ball. She's full of love for all humans even though her physical condition is proof enough that she's been through a lot.

The closest thing I can think of is that I banged my elbow several years ago when I was out in the barn. It hurt like harry at the time, but after a few days there was no more pain, and I would never think of it again except for the fact that every once in a while when I put my elbow on something it just about kills me. The odd thing is that I have palpitated all around the elbow with my other hand and can never replicate the pain. I have no loss of motion or pain of any kind except when I put my elbow down just so; then it's misery. I probably broke off a tiny bit of bone and that is floating around in there, giving me the occasional, undesired thrill. In any case, it's safe to say that Blossom will need a home where stairs will not be an issue for her.

You can see in the current pictures of Blossom that she is an intelligent, happy, eager girl, who is most grateful for the improvements in her circumstances. The only thing that she lacks now to make her life complete is a forever home and family that will provide her the opportunity to continue to blossom (did it again) in the years ahead.

So fill out an application and make an appointment to come and meet her. Understand that you hold in your hands, so to speak, the opportunity to give life to a creature that prior to arrival at Elijah’s House has known nothing but existence, and a pitiful one at that. Perhaps you will be the one to see that the promise implied in her name continues to be the reality of her life as you share the seasons with her for many years to come.



Post Surgery photos



Nicely healed August 26th     

Due in large part to your generosity, Blossom is now flourishing in her new surroundings at Elijah's House. She has successfully recovered from the surgery to remove her very sizable mammary tumors, and the pathology of surrounding areas indicates no signs of cancer. We will now actively monitor her health and continue with her rehabilitation.

Your response is reassurance that, in times of great need, DRT can count on your support. Blossom and I thank you.

Current Photos November 10 & 11th:

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